Two of Transforce's bulk haulage vehicles.

Transforce has always been at the forefront of technology and innovation and this flows through to all levels of our business.

Our vehicles

Transforce operates a fleet of modern and well-equipped vehicles. From small utility vehicles to B Triples and modern road trains, we will have a vehicle combination to move your freight quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

We have comprehensive vehicle maintenance policies and procedures and our maintenance program continually meets the audit requirements of the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation scheme.

When it comes to transporting your freight, we believe that our business is an extension of your business. So only the highest standards of maintenance and the most roadworthy vehicles can do the job.

All of our vehicles are fitted with GPS devices so we can monitor their locations, speed and driving hours.

Our new vehicles also utilise the latest Selective Catalytic Reduction engine technology to reduce exhaust emissions.

Our administration

To provide further confidence for our customers, our freight tracking technology links our enterprise-based accounting system to our con note software, streamlining our accounting and invoicing procedures.